Have difficult questions about life or the Bible?

Ask Tweeny is a show that gives kids the opportunity to send in their questions and Tweeny the Robot will do his absolute best to help find answers.

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Finding answers is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

In each episode Tweeny the Robot answers a question with the help of our Shining Star artists.  Kids can easily send us their questions and we may just answer it in the next episode.

Have a question?

If your child have a difficult question, then you can send it to us by following these easy steps.

NB: Questions MUST be submitted by a parent.  Parent must give full consent in Tween Xstream using the video material submitted.

Make a video

Make a video recording of them asking the question.  Questions must be in English.

Send us the video

Email or WeTransfer the video to shows@tweenxstream.com

Include all your details

Include the kid’s name, age, city/town and country in the email.

Remember to ask Tweeny

Video must begin with “Hi Tweeny…”, and then they can ask their question.

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